It's a Midwest thing. When someone cuts in front of you rudely, when you are surprised, when you bump into someone, or when something is offensively funny, you use the word ope.

Boss: You're getting a promotion
You: Ope, really? Thank you so much

*bumbs into someone at the mall* 
You: Ope sorry my bad 




"The idea behind Ope was to find a non-traditional way of making a living through cooking. Ope allows me to cater, create popup events, consult for new or struggling restaurants, and collaborate with other chefs and restaurants to create unique dining experiences that speak to whatever area we are cooking in."

Mike Aldridge




Although new, Ope's roots run deep in the Portland, OR

food scene, the Pacific Northwest, and Chef's home state of North Dakota. From the Cascades, to the Oregon Coast, we strive to represent our humble beginnings and our beautiful regions.

About the Chef

Born and raised in Minot, North Dakota

Attended Lane Community College in Eugene, OR and graduated with an Associate's Degree in culinary arts and restaurant management. With 20 years of restaurant experience, he has worked with and for great Oregon chefs like: Jason Hornor, Jason Stoler-Smith, Ken Norris, Maylin Chavez, Vitaly Paley, Doug Adams, and Matt Christensen. 

With a strong desire to serve people high quality, affordable, locally sourced meals, Ope! allows him to do just that. 

"There is no better feeling than making people happy through food, I now have a vessel that allows me to serve my food to people in various settings"

Currently resides on Mt. Hood with his darling pitbull Althea Mae

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